El bloc del foment de les vocacions científiques

Programes que promouen l’excel·lència educativa i fomenten les vocacions científiques

This summer BIYSC welcomes students from all over the world to take part of the second edition of the program!

Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge 2017 will bring together students from 18 countries to stimulate scientific talent.

After the success of the first edition, BIYSC returns this summer with new international participants, new challenges, and new scientific projects. The international excellence science program, organized by Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation, will take place in Barcelona from July 10th to 21st  2017.

A panel chosen by Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation has individually reviewed more than 250 applications. The final selected group of 90 students from 16 to 18 years old will come to Barcelona from 18 different countries: Chile, United States, Australia, Spain, Singapore, State of Palestine, Malaysia, Italy, Malta, Hong Kong, Poland, Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, China, Germany and Bahamas.

Groups of 8-10 students have been selected to work hands-on in scientific projects proposed by international research centers based in Catalonia, who are involved in cutting-edge research. This edition BIYSC counts with 2 new projects related to bioinformatics and astrophysics and some of last year’s projects related to biomedicine, robotics, biotechnology, chemistry, nanotechnology and genetics. For more information of the 10 research projects take a closer look of them:

During the two-weeks program the selected participants will also attend scientific lectures and workshops given by leading researchers, to debate and discuss with them the most successful discoveries and scientific advances that are taking place worldwide.

As a fundamental part of science, we want to encourage students to communicate and disseminate the knowledge acquired during BIYSC by preparing an oral presentation and writing a report on the results of their research.

Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation and Fundació Victor Grifols i Lucas will recognize those students that have shown high commitment in their participation and that have met successfully all the challenges proposed with 2 awards for attending the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF).

We are willing to experience this awesome edition of BIYSC and meeting you all!

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